published on 24.11.2007 20:39.

Firefox LiveHTTPHeaders bugfix for Alt-L / @

the firefox LiveHTTPHeaders extension is a great tool for monitoring the http requests going on between your browser and a server—ideal for debugging requests or optimizing caching.

however, the extension has a small but very annoying bug, especially on Mac OS X. it’s sidebar shortcut is Alt-L, which is already occupied by the @ sign. so with this extension installed, you can’t type @s anymore. aaarrgh!

the bug is already (somewhat) fixed in CVS, but it doesn’t look like there’ll be an official release anytime soon. so i dove into the code, did the bare minimum to fix the problem, and made a new xpi. install the patched extension here: livehttpheaders-cvs-patched-071124.xpi.

i moved the sidebar shortcut to Shift-Cmd-J. ”!!?$ Shift-Cmd-J ???!!”, you ask?
“why from Alt-L to Shift-Cmd-J?” well, first, the CVS version already moved the command to Shift-Cmd-L. good. unfortunately Shift-Cmd-L (and Shift-Cmd-K) are already used by the firebug extension, so i moved the key leftwards to the first unoccupied one.

as mentioned above, i did the bare minimum to get the extension to work. no perfection here … but i hope it works for you, too!

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