published on 14.03.2009 16:05.

Trying out zsh

Have you consciously decided to use bash as your shell? I haven’t.
How often do you use the shell? For me, it’s one of the tools I use most.

So while bash does the job, why not find out if there’s something better? I’ve heard zsh mentioned a couple of times, and it seems to be smarter and more modern, while maintaining good compatibility with bash. So I’ll give it a try.

zsh Features selection

  • tab completion is programmable and depends on the command it is used with. examples:
    • cd<TAB> shows a list containing only directories
    • tab completion for options: `ls -<TAB>` shows a menu of available options, selectable with cursor
    • cd -<TAB> shows you a list of recently visited directory, select with cursor where to go. instead of pressing <TAB>, you could also have typed cd -2 to go to the 2nd last dir.
    • ssh<TAB> shows a list of all known hosts
    • kill<TAB> gives you a list of processes. another example: kill memca finds the correct pid and inserts it
  • cd-less directory switching (just type name of directory)
  • all shell windows share one history, i.e you can access a command from window A’s history in a new window B
  • can shorten the path shown in the prompt (“Resources/Styles/Marble $” instead of ”/Applications/ $”)
  • more powerful globbing. example: ‘ls \\*/\_helper.rb’ lists all *_helper.rb files in the current tree
  • temporary aliases for directories, using ~dirname: ~ $ work=`pwd` ~ $ cd / / $ cd ~work ~ $ pwd /Users/phillip
  • bash-compatibility
  • optional prompt at the right top side

How to start using it on OS X

  • OS X already ships with zsh installed. Type zsh to try it out! It’s pretty dumb without proper configuration, so …
  • get a .zshrc config file, like from here for example. That page is also a good intro and contains more links to useful resources.
  • to use zsh permanently (OS X Leopard): go to System Preferences > User, click the lock and authenticate, right-click on your user and select “Advanced Options”, then select /bin/zsh. Open a Terminal. To check, type echo $SHELL.
  • if your like using Ctrl-A/Ctrl-E/Ctrl-K … to go to the start or end of your command or delete to the end of the line, you’ll need to add ‘bindkey -e’ to the .zshrc file.

A tip, independent of zsh, if you create a .hushlogin file in your home dir, the shell will not display the “Last login …” blah on startup.

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published on 01.03.2009 10:50.

Magnificent Life

by Hana S. on Flickr.

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published on 08.01.2009 10:47.

Wild Iris

Normally I don’t like kitschy retouches, but this is beautiful … by Ethan Allen.

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published on 30.08.2008 11:57.

eBoy pixel art

click the image to start the storm.

<script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var villageImages = ['prestorm-16k-1', 'poststorm-11k', 'reconstructed-05k'].map(function(name) { // too lazy to use regexes ... return '' + name + '-tm.jpg'; }); // preload images villageImages.each(function(url) { (new Image()).src = url; }) Event.observe('eboy-village', 'click', function() { var img = $('eboy-village'); var currentImageNr = villageImages.indexOf(img.src); var newImage = villageImages[currentImageNr + 1] || villageImages[0]; img.src = newImage; }); //]]> </script>

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published on 20.08.2008 20:34.

how to explain a clementine to an extraterrestrial

waste 1.000 words. or just show him this picture.

found while trying to figure out what the following lyrics by regina spector mean: »hey, remember that month when i only ate boxes of tangerine«.

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published on 17.08.2008 23:36.

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

… and be prepared to suck in the process.

Two excellent – and classic – articles on how to become an expert programmer:

on your way, be prepared to create lots of prime examples of coding horror. below are some of mine.

to put it differently: the best you can do is to suck less as a programmer, year by year. i recently talked to a guy who had lots of architecture knowledge, knew rails’ activerecord inside out, said he counted Scheme as his favourite language, and in general seemed a top coder. it turned out later on he barely could handle simple regular expressions.

(warning, coding horror)
product catalog (first tries with ruby on rails, 2005)
class ProductsController < ApplicationController

    #before_filter :authenticate

    layout 'shopAdmin'

    helper :sort
    include SortHelper

    def initialize
        @categories = Category.find_all
        @materials  = Material.find_all


    def index
        render_action 'list'

    def list
          sort_init 'category_id'
        @session['cart'] = 'A SHOPPING CART' 
        @products = Product.find(:all, :order => sort_clause)
        @category = @params['category']
webshop (2000)
function layout_head($proj_name,$pid) {
    echo '<table width=600 border=0 cellspacing=2>';
    echo "<tr><td>projektomat v 0.013</td><td align=right rowspan=2><a href=$pid>[übersicht]</a><br/><a href=$pid&proj_name=$proj_name>[neue datei hochladen]</a></td></tr>";
    echo "<tr><td>aktuelles projekt: <b>$proj_name</b></td></tr></table>";
online calendar (1999)

if (!defined(INCLUDES)) include("./");
if (!defined(HEADER)) include("./");
$class = "termin".$func;
$termin_head = "<title>Termin</title>\n<body class='$class' onload=self.focus();document.termin.stunde.focus();>\n<link rel='stylesheet' href='$templatepath/style.css'>";

$datum = mysql2dmy($datum[3]); ## killdatumarrayhere....

if (@$func=="edit") {
if (@$eintrag_neu) {
    echo submit("neu");
} elseif (@$eintrag_update) {
    echo submit("update");
} else {
online calendar, snippet 2 (1999)
function submit($typ) {  ### NEUEN und UPGEDATEDEN termin add_info und eintragen in db 

    global $jahr,$monat,$tag,$stunde,$minute,$dauer,$text,$projekt,$protrack,$projekt_id,$teambox,$id;

    $datum =  "20$jahr-$monat-$tag";
    $zeit = "$stunde:$minute:00";        
    $text = nl2br($text); 
    $lastelementnr =  @key($teambox);        # hier werden die werte der checkboxes (per get übergebenes array teambox[$id]) , werte  yes oder unset
    while ($i <= $lastelementnr) {        # nach $team_id[$nr] = teambox gewandelt  und dann weiter in brauchbare db-query-teile umgewandelt
        if (@$teambox[$i] AND $nr <= 5) {    
            $$teambox[$i] =$i; # yes wird durch den entsprechenden zählerwert ersetzt
            $team_id[$nr] = $$teambox[$i];
            # echo "<pre>team_id[$nr] = $team_id[$nr]</pre>"; ## mal echo einschalten und die ausgabe ansehen
            @$team_cols .= ",team_id$nr";
            @$team_vals .= ",'$team_id[$nr]'";
            @$team_update .= ",team_id$nr='$team_id[$nr]'";
online questionnaire application (2001)
class radQuizBase 
  var $dbName, $form;
  var $debugFlag = false;
  var $quiz = array();
  var $quizForm;

  // variablen für fragen
  var $questionTypes = array (
    'free' => 'Freie Antwort',
_continues ... file has ~1.200 lines ..._

class radQuizAdmin extends radQuizBase 
  var $task;

  # variablen f¸r fragebogen administration
  var $qSetName, $insertBeforeQuestionId, $qSetType;

  var $transDifficulty = array(
_continues ... file has ~2.000 lines_ [...]
a self-written cms (2000)
################################ / logic start

    $newId = newEntry($pid);
    // classic logic based on $pid and $aenderung
    if (!$pid)
        echo auswahlseite($category);
        if($showMulti == 'true')
            echo showMulti($pid);
        elseif (!file_exists(WA_ROOT.'/xml/'.$pid.'.xml')) 
            $parms['title'] = $navititle;
            $parms['id'] = $pid;
        else // bearbeite bestehende seite
                eingabeseite ($pid);
                aenderung ($pid);


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published on 21.07.2008 00:19.

loading data from mysql into couchdb with rest and ActiveRecord

$KCODE = 'u'

require 'rubygems'
require_gem 'activerecord'
require 'rest_client'

class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base

  :adapter => "mysql", 
  :database => "hello_world", 
  :encoding => 'UTF8'

MyModel.find(:all).each do |record|
  p'http://localhost:5984/hello_world', record.to_json)

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published on 13.07.2008 16:17.

perl needs no obfusciation ...

interestingly, you can be just as obscure in ruby.

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published on 12.07.2008 22:28.

Too bad Zed left ...

»When the burning husks of your startups warm
the last of your bones, remember I told you so.«

— Zed, in Rails is a Ghetto

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published on 22.06.2008 16:23.

Ruby on Rails developers use Macs? You must be kidding!

taken at the Rails Konferenz 2008 by patrick lenz.

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