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Flickr API fun

hey! since i migrated this page from php to the ruby-based weblog typo, these images currently don't update.

by *sam by konaboy by rougerouge by flickrwegian
by akiruna by _rebekka by roweun by SophieMuc

A random selection of my flickr favorites

all of these great photos have been taken by the flickr contributors, not by me. hover over an image to see the name of the photographer; click the image to see the full image in flickr.

kudos to rasmus for developing & donating the php flickrAPI. Oh, and the programming language, of course :-)

you can download the source code here. enter your flickr api key and the secret, and you're ready to go. (note: i don't cache the favorites info, that would be a nice addition).

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photography 1999-2002

on the old website, original layouts.

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