Software idea: find what you read

Posted by phillip Wed, 15 Aug 2012 10:00:00 GMT

Find What you Read

Intended to be hosted on your own private server on the internet (or internally, like a Protonet node), to make it accessible from everywhere.

Browser plugin
  • sends every viewed page to the server (data: url, and date viewed)
  • available for Firefox and Chrome
Server component
  • Indexes each document in a fulltext search engine
  • has a web interface which:
    1. list all indexed documents
    2. has a fulltext search
    3. has relevant facets (date read, domain, ... some would need to be generated)
    4. can group documents by semantic analysis
    5. can derive tags automatically
    6. knows which documents were read together and shows these
    7. document previews and screenshots
    8. normalization of tag variations: synonyms, ontologies, German/English tags

Later: add a browser plugin to do the same as the web interface.

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