Mindmap for Software Craftsmanship Talk

Posted by phillip Wed, 18 Mar 2009 05:10:00 GMT

I’m currently preparing a talk on Software Craftsmanship for Euruko 2009 in Barcelona. It’s the first time I try out a mind map for structuring everything related to a topic, and I really like it. By looking at the whole at once, you’re able to see new connections, redundancy, overlap, etc. And it’s more fund to draw stuff than putting everything in nested bullet lists.

I’ve also become a fan of Big Visible Charts, so I prefer creating it by hand instead of using a computerized tool, like MindMeister. Don’t get me wrong – MindMeister is very cool – it’s just that I don’t need it’s advantages of collaboration, change tracking etc. since I’m working on my own.

Two learnings already:

  • always start with a really big sheet of paper on a big wall. You never know in which direction you’re gonna need more space! I failed with that, and it’s probably limiting me currently.
  • use stickies to dump ideas that come to your mind when you’re not really working on the preparation. You don’t waste much time drawing and sorting, but you don’t forget and can pick up or discard the ideas later.

By the way, the Euruko conference artwork is the best I have ever seen. It’s a beautiful blend of Barcelona’s omnipresent Gaudi tiles and color tones and the Ruby logo.

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