published on 23.04.2008 18:03.

Firefox 3 uses sqlite to store bookmarks (and most other things)

ever wanted to search your bookmarks with

SELECT * FROM moz_bookmarks WHERE title LIKE "%ruby%";

now you can:

in your firefox profile directory (~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxx.default on a Mac), type:

# open db file
$ sqlite3 places.sqlite

# show available tables
sqlite> .tables

# set output to sql insert statements
sqlite> .mode insert

# send output to file "firefox_bookmarks" 
sqlite> .output firefox_bookmarks

sqlite> SELECT * FROM moz_bookmarks WHERE title LIKE "%ruby%";

# list other available commands & options
sqlite> .help

Or, if you want JSON output you can export all bookmarks via the GUI. Use Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks, click the rightmost icon in the top navigation and choose Export.

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published on 14.04.2008 20:25.

thanks, shoe

today the cast came off my foot. the six weeks were much less annoying than i had feared, thanks to a smart cast i got. we customized (read: glued it with epoxy) twice, too, to make it waterproof, and i even went into the ocean with it.

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