Running Firefox 3 beta, howto

Posted by phillip Sat, 03 May 2008 13:55:00 GMT

happy bookmarking

I’ve used Firefox 3 beta for over a month now. And I am very happy! Not only is it stable and runs a bit faster, the best thing is the seriously improved bookmarking. Bookmarks can now be tagged, and the whole thing comes with an imho well thought-out user interface. visit for a nice overview. so bookmarks finally become useful as a knowledge archive, you now actually find what you once bookmarked.

running a nightly build

Firefox 3 beta 5 (for OS X) crashed fairly regularly on my box, so I tried running off the nightly builds. So far, they have been more stable, the crashing is gone. Additional benefit: I can get daily updates by going to “Help” > “Check for updates”. Excellent!

You’ll find the latest Firefox 3pre build here.

Enabling Extensions

Once you are so far, most extensions stop working—not good at all. Most extensions have not been updated for Firefox 3, so Firefox disables them on startup. But most of them will work in Firefox 3 nevertheless, all you need to do is create the boolean user preference “extensions.checkCompatibility” and set it to false (type about:config in the URL-bar to access the user preferences).

Chromatabs extension

On a side note, try the chromatabs extension! It colors tabs with a color unique to the page displayed, so if you memorize your favorite sites’ colors, you’ll easily spot them in the tab bar.

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