published on 24.11.2007 20:39.

Firefox LiveHTTPHeaders bugfix for Alt-L / @

the firefox LiveHTTPHeaders extension is a great tool for monitoring the http requests going on between your browser and a server—ideal for debugging requests or optimizing caching.

however, the extension has a small but very annoying bug, especially on Mac OS X. it’s sidebar shortcut is Alt-L, which is already occupied by the @ sign. so with this extension installed, you can’t type @s anymore. aaarrgh!

the bug is already (somewhat) fixed in CVS, but it doesn’t look like there’ll be an official release anytime soon. so i dove into the code, did the bare minimum to fix the problem, and made a new xpi. install the patched extension here: livehttpheaders-cvs-patched-071124.xpi.

i moved the sidebar shortcut to Shift-Cmd-J. ”!!?$ Shift-Cmd-J ???!!”, you ask?
“why from Alt-L to Shift-Cmd-J?” well, first, the CVS version already moved the command to Shift-Cmd-L. good. unfortunately Shift-Cmd-L (and Shift-Cmd-K) are already used by the firebug extension, so i moved the key leftwards to the first unoccupied one.

as mentioned above, i did the bare minimum to get the extension to work. no perfection here … but i hope it works for you, too!

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published on 11.11.2007 15:04.

"The suits people are surrounding us."

—Matz, on Ruby becoming “Enterprisey” (via

that’s almost a shock, makes me afraid. but he’s right—at last railsconf europe for example, sun, ibm & co showed up. pushing their tools, and ideas of “how to develop”, without any deeper knowledge of ruby. let’s hope they’ve learnt or are willing to learn, and aren’t just disguising just to enter this market and sell their stuff to people who can’t tell the difference.

make sure ruby and the community stay the way they are, it’s what’s makes it special, and what made it successful.

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published on 11.11.2007 12:46.

very cool grafiti by "jef aérosol"

more in this set!

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