migration to typo trunk revision

Posted by phillip Fri, 27 Jan 2006 15:17:00 GMT

… wasn’t too hard, thanks to the rake migrate command and typo’s nice upgrading system, which slash7 had pointed to.

conversion of all mysql tables to InnoDB didn’t work at first. since i’m still on mysql 4.0 the upgrade script 15 and the ruby on rails’ create_table method failed. they both use the ENGINE keyword for specifying the table type to use. in order to get things to work, i had to replace ENGINE with TYPE.

btw. typo claims that running off the latest trunk revision is no problem thanks to the extensive test coverage. however most of those tests had some failures on my box; well, let’s see what happens - typo seems to be running fine. it _is_ a little awkward that you have to keep tests up to date with the latest code changes; maybe they just forgot.

warning: before running tests, make sure you have configured different databases for test and production environments, otherwise you production database will be gone!

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