published on 28.04.2005 00:00.

clean web design is worth it

Last Sunday – five days ago – i did a very quick redesign of my "business" website. it's now one single static html page, dressed up with css and some images for headline text. semantically marked up, that is, put <h1> and <h2> tags around the headlines, no tables for layout, and so on. valid xhtml 1.0 transitional. the page weighs 7.45kB – including the images.

And ta–da: Google already picked it up and ranks me #1 … very nice. ok. #1 for my name. (which is an improvement over not appearing at all. like before.)

for the headlines i used the fahrner image replacement technique. that way it's possible to use custom fonts and nice text rendering for the headlines. nevertheless non-graphic browsers - and search engines - can still read the headlines, since they are present in the html as well. :-).

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published on 17.04.2005 00:00.

(a)eero saarinen

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